The Journées de Physique Mathématique Lyon is an annual advanced school in mathematical physics. The topics for 2014 are the recent developments in the understanding of BPS states of gauge theories and supergravity, and the closely related mathematics of Hitchin systems and quivers. The school consists of a set of 3 lecture courses of 4 hours each. The lectures are aimed at graduate students and postdocs in mathematics and theoretical physics, but all interested scientists are welcome to participate as well. Three individual seminars will complement the lectures.

The lecture courses are:

  • Philip Boalch, ENS Paris,

"Wild Character Varieties and Wild Mapping Class Groups"

  • Gregory W. Moore, Rutgers University, 

"Algebraic Structures in 1+1 Dimensional Massive (2,2) Theories"

  • Markus Reineke, Wuppertal University,

"Quiver Moduli and BPS State Counts"

The seminars are:

  • Iosif Bena, CEA Saclay,

"Multicenter solutions, quivers, and their implication for black hole physics and the information paradox"

  • Frédéric Chapoton, Univ. Lyon 1,

"On Cluster Varieties Associated with Tree-Shaped Quivers"

  • Michele Del Zotto, Harvard University,

"Progress about 4D N=2 Quivers"

Abstracts and slides are available on the program page.


Registration is free of charge but mandatory. Please create an account following the links on the left of the screen and register. We can book rooms at an attractive rate at Séjours et Affaires Lyon.


For any questions regarding the school contact one of the organizers:

  • Johannes Kellendonk: kellendonk (at)
  • Jan Manschot: jan.manschot (at)
  • Henning Samtleben: henning.samtleben (at)
  • Thomas Strobl: strobl (at)

Organizing Committee

  • Johannes Kellendonk, Univ. Lyon 1
  • Jan Manschot, Univ. Lyon 1
  • Henning Samtleben, ENS Lyon
  • Thomas Strobl, Univ. Lyon 1


  • Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Univ. Lyon 1            logoFSToffRVB200dpiGd_1.jpg
  • Institut Camille Jordan, Univ. Lyon 1


  • Laboratoire de Physique de l'ENSL
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